ACE School of Tomorrow 


As a Christian school, Faith Christian Academy has a Bible-centered theme and course of study. This course of study is thorough, proven, and supportive. Our school uses The ACE School of Tomorrow Curriculum  which is recognized and used nationwide. This curriculum is superior to others because it allows students to learn at their own pace and advance to the next level after mastering a concept. This assures the student is learning before being allowed to continue to the next level. Students work at their own pace and rate of comprehension. 

The curriculum is individualized to each student, using a series of academic assessment and placement tests, which pinpoint academic strengths and weaknesses. This testing provides the information necessary to place the child exactly where he or she will best succeed, while reinforcing academic learning gaps. The curriculum is a self-teaching book curriculum in which the student will learn the subject by reading and practicing in the workbooks. This type of curriculum is exceptional for the homeschool environment because the student is given a very personal level of education without the need for teachers or classrooms. 


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